Create an amazing employee experience

A correlation exists between a healthy, vibrant company culture and employee experience. Up until recently, the construct of work has relied upon employees adapting to managers, and managers adapting to organisations. However, a future where there is a shortage of labour skills and where we understand the benefits of an engaged workforce means that this paradox will be reversed and organisations will need to adapt to employees. This requires a complete re-think of everything we know about work.


Improve results

Just like people, it seems no two company cultures are the same – but like people, they can often be separated into the good and bad. The benefits of a good company culture is clear – it positively impacts an organisation’s financial performance, it significantly increases the appeal of an organisation in the recruiting process, it helps reduce staff turnover, it significantly decreases absenteeism, and it has positive impacts on the mental and physical health of employees.


An early warning sign of a culture at risk

As for toxic cultures, they threaten the very viability of an organisation. There are myriad ways a toxic culture can manifest itself, such as employees deliberately undermining their colleagues, treating customers in a way that ensures they won’t return, or creating an environment that negatively impacts on the health of other employees. But the end result from a toxic culture is the same – an organisation’s best staff usually depart quickly, the staff that remain become disgruntled, their demeanour leads to unhappy customers, and all this eventually results in a significant hit to an organisation’s bottom line.