Machine learning

The Voop.Global tool uses machine learning – or more specifically, sentiment scanning and natural language processing – to read and summarise large volumes of written communications within an organisation. To date, these technologies have mainly been used to analyse social media profiles to gain a deeper understanding of potential customers – however, Voop.Global uses this technology to better understand and improve organisational culture.

Data mining

By assessing communication data, the Voop.Global tool can create an aggregated view of company culture. The tool then mines that data, searching for trends and patterns that indicate what the organisation should start doing – and just as importantly, what it should stop doing – to move closer to its desired culture.

Unstructured data

It is expected that some of the correlations that the Voop.Global tool will identify would seem far from obvious – for example, the impact of a new manager, a broken coffee machine or a team lunch may be much greater than previously assumed. This is part of the “magic” of the Voop.Global tool – by joining the dots of unstructured data from multiple sources, insights will be revealed that would not be apparent to a human observer.