Create a window to your company culture


The importance of culture in helping organisations not just survive but thrive has been noted for some time – but until now, organisations have only had retrospective tools for analysing culture.


Revolutionising Cultural Governance

The Voop.Global tool provides an early warning system for when an organisation’s culture is at risk. It also provides immediate feedback on the success of initiatives, regardless of which end of the spectrum your culture is at.


Cultural Computation

The Voop.Global team harnesses data science techniques with a distinct focus on culture – but Voop.Global is not a data analytics company, rather a computational culture team.


We want to make work better…

Too many workplaces are operating within a culture where their workforce is unhappy, unproductive and not bringing their 'A' game to work.


“Culture, more than rule books, determines how an organisation behaves.”

— Billionaire investor Warren Buffett