Voop.Global was started in February 2018 in Melbourne, Australia, by People and Culture expert Kristin O’Brien. The aim of the start-up is  to use technological advances in machine learning to determine organisational culture. Voop.Global first tested its prototype tool in April 2018 with four large organisations, and all participants in the initial prototype testing confirmed the accuracy and validity of the tool. The second round of prototype testing (again involving a few large organisations) is taking place in early 2019, and it is envisaged the Voop.Global tool will be publicly available in the latter half of 2019.


Voop.Global Founder and CEO:Kristin O’Brien

Kristin has worked in People and Culture in Australia, the United Kingdom and India for over 20 years and has always had a keen interest in innovation and technology. Kristin founded her own consulting business (KOB Consulting) in 2016, while prior to that she was the Human Resources Lead for New Businesses at Telstra.


This role required Kristin to be heavily involved in the start-up and growth businesses of Australia’s leading telco, and it was this experience that ignited her passion for building people programs and practices that create great places to work.

Prior to her five-year stint with Telstra, she worked for ANZ Bank in both Australia and India, while she has also led the People and Culture function at not-for-profit Plan International (Australia), and she spent five years working in Global HR Analytics for Deutsche Bank in the UK.


Voop.Global Co-founder, Data and Tech : Is this you?


The Co-Founder: Data and Tech is an award winning maths whizz, who holds a degree in maths or physics and a masters in computer science.  With experience in Data Science and Natural Language Processing, they are knowledgeable in Python’s Django framework, system architecture, and front end development.

In the early days, they were willing to get their hands dirty, but as the business grew, their role evolved to building and leading the engineering team and became more strategic.  This person has played an important role in fostering a rewarding and positive workplace culture and as a result, their team love working here!  



In early 2019, Voop.Global was accepted into the prestigious RMIT Activator program, LaunchHUB, based out of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s city campus. RMIT Activator is a community of entrepreneurs working on innovative projects that aim to solve real-world problems. RMIT Activator supports this community on the journey of exploring and testing ideas, and taking an early-stage product to market launch.


Voop.Global Advisor: Dr Suresh Sood, Chief Data Scientist

Suresh is one of Australia’s foremost experts in the realms of big data and machine learning, combining his knowledge and contacts in these fields in a range of different fields, from financial services to social media marketing.


Suresh graduated in Physics from London University and received an MBA and PhD from the University of Technology Sydney, where he has also provided thought leadership in the development of the trans-disciplinary Master of Data Science and Innovation.

Some of his more recent positions were as Data Scientist at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (where he was instrumental in the organisation adopting cloud, AI and analytics technologies) and as a Senior Vice President of Reuters Consulting (where he created and implemented innovative B2B online services for banks across Asia).